Welcome to the Manito Popcorn Festival
Planning Committee page.

This year we are being faced with many challenges in making this year's Celebration a successful happening. 

Our parade chair of many years has retired to an advisory status.  Like many of  us she has reached that age where the work is just too much.  She took this job very seriously and went above and beyond to make our parade one of the best in this pat of the State.  We are looking for a group of people to assume this project.  Ruth has agreed to remain as an advisor.  She just has too much knowledge and ability to let her go completely.

We are also looking for someone to assume the chair of the Popcorn Princess Pageant.  Bree just has too much on her plate in her personal life that she has asked to be replaced,

If you are interested in helping in either of these events, please contact us.
Our next challenge is a problem with electrical service in the park.  We have had problems of a minor nature over the years but this year's problem is a serious one.  Nature and human vandalism have caused our electrical service to deteriorate to a point where some of it is not usable.  An electrical contractor was called to give an estimate of cost to repair the service.  The number he gave us was $8,100.00 which is about $8,000.00 more than we can afford.  If you would like to donate to the Festival for this cause, it would be greatly appreciated.

On the positive side is the new Frederich Family Playground which is being installed and should be done in time for the festival.  Dedication ceremonies will be held during the Festival at 5:00 P.M. on Saturday, September 3.

Also on the positive side will be the return of "Project 2 Sound" for Sunday entertainment.  Those of you who heard them in the heat of the 2015 Festival know they are outstanding

The theme for 2016 is "Kids Make The World Go Round".  This should make ideas for floats easy

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