Welcome to the Manito Popcorn Festival
Planning Committee page.

This year we are being faced with many challenges in making this year's Celebration a successful happening. 

We still have openings for Friday & Sunday for food in the Pavilion.  Saturday will be a pulled pork meal at noon and a buffet style meal in the evening.

Our parade chair of many years has retired to an advisory status.  Like many of  us she has reached that age where the work is just too much.  She took this job very seriously and went above and beyond to make our parade one of the best in this part of the State.  We are looking for a group of people to assume this project.  Ruth has agreed to remain as an advisor.  She just has too much knowledge and ability to let her go completely.  So far we have Judy Lacey, Patia Picken, Bree Kerley and our old faithful friend Rosemary who have agreed to help.  Can always use more.

We have a very capable person to assume the duties as chair of the Popcorn Princess Pageant.  Roxie Parks has agreed to assume this responsibility.  Looking forward to working with her and seeing her ideas.

In addition Our Legion Post is not able to do the Memorial Service/Flag Raising or the Sunday Breakfast.  The Flag Raising & Memorial Service will be conducted by the Pekin Community High School JROTC.  Thanks to Greg Springborn for taking care of that.

If you are interested in helping in any of these events, please contact us.

On the positive side is the new Frederich Family Playground which is being installed and should be done in time for the festival.  Dedication ceremonies will be held during the Festival at 5:00 P.M. on Saturday, September 3.

Also on the positive side will be the return of "Project 2 Sound" for Sunday entertainment.  Those of you who heard them in the heat of the 2015 Festival know they are outstanding.  They are being this year by Enbridge and the Popcorn Festival Committee.

A big thank you to those who have sponsored all or part of various events this year: Enbridge; Farnam Insurance; Weaver Popcorn; Proehl Farms; LG Seeds; Becker Seed Sales; Manito Area Chamber of Commerce; Manito Oil & Propane; Manito Auto Sales & Manito Fire Volunteers, Nickerson Insurance, Sunrise Ag, NOSTAW, Mason County Board, Manito Township.

Also, a huge thank you to Mayor Sondag and the Manito Village Board for their support.  The Village includes  our celebration in their insurance coverage.  Plus the Public Works Department  consisting of Supervisor Cliff Sanders, Brad Herbig and Steve Sondag spend countless hours helping in many ways before, during and after the Festival.

A hint for those of you planning to have a booth in Veteran's Park this year, contact us soon.  We don't see any problems with space yet but  with the new playground it could happen.

The theme for 2016 is "Kids Make The World Go Round".  This should make ideas for floats easy

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